Homemade Ayurvedic Treatment of High Bloodpressure

There are many Solutions to High blood pressure problem which are defined in Ayurveda. Many of them are available at your home kitchen itself.

A Good solution is Dalchini/दालचीनी (cinnamon), which is easily available in Home Kitchen or Local Market itself.

  • Make Dalchini in Powder form, by Crunching it on a home stone or kharal. Consume it in powder form, daily empty stomached, with warm water. Or for more Good Results mix it with honey (honey ½ teaspoon, dalchini/cinnamon ½ teaspoon) and consume with hot water.

The second Solution is Gokhru.

  • What you have to do is to take half a teaspoon Gokhru in a glass of warm water and soak overnight. Let it stay overnight in water and get up in the morning and take the water/Kadha of Gokhru Water. Also you can chew on the Gokhru of this Kadha.

These are easy ways to fastly reduce your high BP. If taken with Care It will totally normalise the High Blood Pressure Problem in about two months or so.